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Social Media Management & Online Presence


You're a small business owner.

You would love to have a strong social media presence, but are constantly running around managing and working your business. You can't always break away to create a post, and if you do, what are the current best practices for each social platform? Leave it to us to provide you the consistent presence, while you focus on your day-to-day business.


Set-up a free consultation with us and we'll be able to tailor a plan specifically for your business.

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Social Media Starter Kit

Just starting out on social media and don’t know where to begin? We’ll set-up your accounts for you using all the best practices, format profile and cover photos provided by you or selected by us, and even give you a quick tutorial on how things work on each platform before we hand over the keys. 


Social Media Monitoring & Response

Do you run a busy, customer service focused business? A business that doesn’t allow you or your staff the time to respond to inquiries on social media while you’re managing the day-to-day business? Leave it to us, and we’ll respond to Tweets, Direct Messages (DMs), and Facebook messages with friendly, professional engagement based on a pre-established plan.                                                

Twitter Follower Management

It’s called social media for a reason. Those that are more active, or “social”, will have more success in building a reputable social account. Let us manage your followers, by tweeting gratitude to new (real) followers, following new followers back (based on a followback plan that we will work with you to develop), and blocking fake accounts that drain your account’s effectiveness. This simple, yet effective undertaking, will go a long way and help your brand rise above the rest. 

Online Business Listings / Local Search

How is your business listed across the web?
You can get your results right now by simply entering your business name/address/phone into our quick scan tool here.

Take control of your business listings on up to 60+ publishers and help your customers find you! Creating consistent local business listings gives you SEO benefits that can include 400% more search views and 200% more Yelp views. In addition, our EasyListings tool can instantly update client-provided profile photos, business info, hours, product and services lists, calendars, staff bios, and menus.